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Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly)


A polymer with diluted lithium salt is the main component of lithium-poly cell solid electrolyte. Solid electrolyte secures higher cell resistance for short circuit or overcharging as well as eliminates potential electrolyte leakage that results in higher safety of cells use. A high density of energy and quite high shape an size flexibility are the main features of  lithium-poly cells. A Battery Management System (BMS) has to be installed in cells or battery packs to ensure failure-free and safe operation.

The basis assortment of Wamtechnik lithium-poly cells are KOKAM (Korea) products, however cells of other brands are also used. Kokam lithium-poly cells are produced in three main groups: High Density of Energy, High Power and Very High Power. There is a wide range of model quantity, as in each group there are cells of law, medium and high capacity.


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