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Lithium Iron Phosphate (Li-FePO4)

Lithium iron nano-phosphatide technology Li-FePO4 is a combination of high current capacity, hight energy density and safety as well as long operating time. The Li-FePO4 cells are particularly used in equipments using higs current. They may be discharged with direct current of up to 30C and charged with a curent of up to 4C. The cells' nominal voltage is 3,3V and they can operate in a range of voltage between 2,0V up to 3,6V. Designed operating time of the cells is several thousand cycles of charging/discharging. The cells are more resistant to rough operation conditions in comparison with cells of other lithium-ion technologies. However, according to good practices of production energy sources basing on lithium cells, an adequate BMS should be applied.

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