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Constant pursue of perfection is one of the key strategic elements of our company.
We consistently work on maintaining the highest standards. We want our customers to receive a safe product of the highest quality.
Wanting to prove the credibility of our pro-quality actions, we implemented the Quality Assurance System acc. to PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, AQAP2110:2009 norms and Internal Control System Criteria.   We were also granted the NCAGE certificate and Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration licenses, which makes us an authorized supplier of the Polish military forces, as well as NATO.
We invest in modern technologies, equipment and devices. Our products are subject to quality control at every stage of production by specialized Quality Control personnel.
Quality Control System is based on systematic and planned actions, leading to the manufacturing of products and services that meet the Client's requirements. The System is formally described and used and its efficiency is constantly monitored. Wanting to ensure the safety of our Clients, we act according to very strict procedures, ensuring the safety of our products.

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